Courses and prices

The courses we offer in our academy are as follows : English, French and Spanish for children from 3 years to adult. Our courses are very flexible and we can develop bespoke lesson plans for any level or specialty depending on your specific needs. If you have any individual requirements, or you are searching for a course that is specific for the sector you work in, or your business, please contact us so we can evaluate your needs and give you more accurate pricing. We have discounts available if there are 2 or more students from the same family who come for 2 hours a week each, or one student who has 2 classes a week in 2 or more languages.

General Conditions

  • Fees are monthly. They should be paid at the beginning of the month (within the first 10 days) in cash. We have no facilities to accept debit or credit card payments.
  • The fees are the same each month, regardless of bank holidays or the number of weeks in the month. The price is worked out over a full year. Some months have fewer classes, some have more. Throughout the year it averages out
  • If you need a special receipt (for BECAs etc), please ask, as there will be no problem providing this. In general we do not provide this unless asked, in order to save on paper. We can also provide bills via email on request.
  • If you start a course midway through a month, your fees will be added onto the next month’s bill.
  • If you miss a class, you will not receive a refund. Once you have signed up for a course the place is allocated to you, so if you choose not to turn up that is your choice, however we are not obliged to refund the class as our teachers have prepared material and are ready and available to give it.
  • If you do not turn up for class for 2 weeks without informing the centre you will lose your place.
  • If a teacher has to cancel a class due to unforseen circumstances, you will receive a discount for the class on the next bill.
  • To unregister from a course, you must give 15 days notice.


All prices include IGIC at 7%

Level Monthly payment for 1 hour a week Monthly payment for 2 hours a week Discount for families
Infant 30 € 55 € 50 €
Primary 1/2/3 35 € 65 € 60 €
Primary 4/5/6 35 € 65 € 60 €
ESO 40 € 75 € 70 €
Bachillerato 45 € 85 € 80 €
Adult 50 € 95 € 90 €
Private** 100 € 190 € 180 €
At your house Please, contact us for information.
Specialist courses Please, contact us for information.

** The prices for private classes can change at the discretion of the teacher depending on availability in their timetable and planning.