About Us

We specialise principally in teaching English, French and Spanish as a second language to all ages and levels of students. We only teach in small groups in order to give as much attention as necessary to each student’s individual learning needs.

All our teachers are native speakers in the language they teach. They all hold excellent qualifications in their field and have many years experience teaching languages in the public and private sectors in Tenerife to all ages of students; from 3 years old to adult, young or old – there are no limits to when you can start learning. Our teachers are well-respected by many of the local schools, teachers, parents, local governments and businesses for the services they have and continue to provide in the area of language teaching.

We use the latest methodologies and constantly keep up to date with new and exciting ways of teaching and learning languages ​​so that we can provide the most effective learning experience for each individual and maximise their learning potential.

We focus on conversation and communication so that our students understand and have confidence to speak the new language. Using conversation first, and later focussing on grammar,  students understand the grammar subliminally before formally learning it. This promotes retention of the new language subliminally and confidence for practical use.

We can also provide intensive courses, courses for businesses focussing on language used in specific sectors, translation services, CV writing and translation, language workshops during school holidays and craft workshops at weekends.

Do you want to know more?

Feel free to take a look around our website and see what courses we have on offer. Please note that we can tailor our services to almost any requirements, so if you can not see what you need, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Occasionally we also post information and materials on our blog. If you are interested in self-study, or just interested in the field of foreign language teaching, please take a look and give us feedback.