En el restaurante

The primary students are doing a roleplay of a restaurant. They have created their own menus in English and are using them to re-enact a restaurant. Some work inthe kitchen, some are waiters and some are the guests. They take it in turns with the different roles and practise real conversations that they can actually use if they go out for dinner in a local restaurant with their parents.

Conversation classes with 1st year secondary students

Many academies regard grammar with a higher importance to conversation because they think that parents only want their children to pass their exams, however in order to have good understanding of grammatical structure we at Isla Idiomas believe that conversation is just as important and we therefore teach grammar with a combination of communicative activities. We find that students understand the way the language is used much more easily if they are given opportunities to actually speak it and use it practically.

Here are some photos of a simple communicative activity from the first weeks of the first term to practise introductions and conversation when meeting people for the first time in real situations. These are activities that will be useful to the students whether they pass or fail their exams, as they will have developed the confidence to actually speak in English in life and in the workplace once they have finished their studies.